fast and realistic real-time rendering
standalone program that reads 3D models

KeyShot: price list

Product name Price
KeyShot 11 Pro (1 year)

12 months subsricption

9,813 PLN
12,070 incl. VAT
KeyShot 11 Pro (3 years)
36 months subsricption
16,651 PLN
20,480 incl. VAT

plug-in for KeyShot, 12 months subscription
description and examples

4,919 PLN
6,050 incl. VAT
KeyShot Network Rendering – 16 cores / year

plug-in for KeyShot, 12 months subscription
multiples up to 256 cores are available

2,361 PLN
2,904 incl. VAT
Rhino + KeyShot package

ask for a reduced price with free training: click or write at

KeyShot works with both Windows and macOS. The user decides which system they want to install the program in and they may also change the computer and operating system later on.


Individual KeyShot training (for 1 person): price list

Product name Price
individual training in KeyShot, 6 h 1,576 PLN
1,939 incl. VAT
individual training in KeyShot, 1 h 321 PLN
395 incl. VAT

KeyShot: description

KeyShot is one of the fastest and easiest professional programs for realistic rendering. It is a standalone program (for Windows and macOS) which can communicate fast with other 3D modeling programs (e.g. with Rhino) via special plug-ins that quickly transfer and update the 3D model. KeyShot uses a processor (CPU) for rendering. The program is used by designers and engineers alike to create realistic images and animations of their 3D designs – quickly and easily.

Create a beautiful visualization in a few quick steps: open (or export) a model using KeyShot, assign materials by dragging, choose the lighting, background, and optionally change the camera settings. And that’s it! Render in real time or using a still image with a higher resolution.

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