RhinoCAM – VisualCAD/CAM (VisualMILL) 2022

Intelligent CAM and excellent support from MecSoft and Lemondim. RhinoCAM is one of our favorite products!

Product name Price
RhinoCAM / VisualCAD/CAM Xpress

podstawowe operacje w 2,5 i 3 osiach

2,992 PLN
3,680 incl. VAT
RhinoCAM / VisualCAD/CAM Standard

2,5 i 3 osie

7,370 PLN
9,065 incl. VAT
pakiet Rhino + RhinoCAM

spytaj o cenę z rabatem: kliknij lub napisz na info@lemondim.com

RhinoCAM / VisualCAD/CAM Expert

do 4 osi

12,234 PLN
15,048 incl. VAT
RhinoCAM / VisualCAD/CAM Pro

do 5 osi indeksowanych

24,396 PLN
30,006 incl. VAT
RhinoCAM / VisualCAD/CAM Premium

do 5 osi płynnych

36,557 PLN
44,965 incl. VAT
AMS Xpress

roczne wsparcie i utrzymanie

851 PLN
1,047 incl. VAT
AMS Standard

roczne wsparcie i utrzymanie

1,532 PLN
1,885 incl. VAT
AMS Expert

roczne wsparcie i utrzymanie

2,505 PLN
3,081 incl. VAT

roczne wsparcie i utrzymanie

4,938 PLN
6,073 incl. VAT
AMS Premium

roczne wsparcie i utrzymanie

7,370 PLN
9,065 incl. VAT

» Download demo version of RhinoCAM or VisualCAD/CAM
» Comparison of features in different versions
» Comparison of all MecSoft products

RhinoCAM is a plug-in for Rhino. VisualCAD/CAM is a standalone program. All versions of RhinoCAM and VisualCAD/CAM (except the Xpress version) contain the MILL, TURN, NEST, ART and MESH modules.

Products with annual maintenance and support (AMS) are also equipped with the G-code editor andProfile-Nest modules. AMS may be purchased no later than 30 days after the purchase of the main product.

Individual training (for 1 person): price list

Product name Price
individual training in RhinoCAM or VisualCAD/CAM, 6 h 1,576 PLN
1,939 incl. VAT
individual training in RhinoCAM or VisualCAD/CAM, 1 h 321 PLN
395 incl. VAT

Watch how to automate cuts in RhinoCAM:

Lemondim gallery: gradient hatching in Rhino 7

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