MatrixGold is renowned and modern jewelry design software developed by Gemvision, created from a combination of several programs: Matrix, CounterSketch, RhinoGold and of course Rhino. We are the exclusive MatrixGold distributor in Poland – check out our presentations and training!

MatrixGold: price list

Product name Price
MatrixGold 3

includes Rhino 7

33,461 PLN
41,157 incl. VAT
MatrixGold 3 upgrade

upgrade from a previous version
does not include Rhino upgrade to v7
-14% discount until 31.7.2022

2,944 PLN
3,621 incl. VAT
MatrixGold – Loyalty

includes Rhino 7 upgrade
special price for primary owners of Matrix 9, 8, 7 and RhinoGold 6.6 Pro, 6.6 Basic, 6.5, 5

16,921 PLN
20,813 incl. VAT
MatrixGold – second license 25,392 PLN
31,233 incl. VAT
MatrixGold Edu Lab

for Windows
30 seat for schools teaching jewelry design
Rhino 7 Edu Lab Kit included

21,157 PLN
26,023 incl. VAT
individual training in MatrixGold, 6 h 1,472 PLN
1,811 incl. VAT
individual training in MatrixGold, 30 h 7,089 PLN
8,719 incl. VAT
individual training in MatrixGold, 1 h 300 PLN
369 incl. VAT
MatrixGold Membership

online training materials and manufacturer’s support
for 1 year

4,214 PLN
5,184 incl. VAT
CounterSketch International

includes Rhino 5/7

29,628 PLN
36,443 incl. VAT

If you already own a Rhino 7 license, the price of MatrixGold without Rhino is net USD 350 lower than those listed above.
MatrixGold uses online licensing (without a hardware key) and requires an internet connection.

More videos on the manufacturer’s site at

Models rendered in MatrixGold:

Lemondim gallery: gradient hatching in Rhino 7

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