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Solidscape® 3D printers are used to make wax models for lost-wax casting. The material does not expand with increased temperature during firing, does not produce ash residues and has been created primarily for perfect casting.

The 3D printer reads 3D model files in STL or SLC format. The machine creates solids by adding subsequent layers with a defined thickness of 0.00625 mm to 0.0762 mm and resolution [dpi] of 5000 x 5000 x max. 8000 XYZ. Each layer is leveled with a milling blade to the appropriate height. The patterns are very precise and have an excellent surface finish.

For years, Solidscape has been the first choice among jewelers when it comes to machines creating patterns for production due to the precision, quality-price ratio and ease of use.

How do Solidscape wax printers work?

drop on demandPrecision heads drop build and support material at an XY resolution of 5000*5000 dpi (while the resolution of most other precision printers is ca. 1500 dpi). This is known as drop-on-demand.

millingA milling blade removes excess material to achieve an ultra-precise layer of a defined thickness (from 0.006 mm). This provides the best surface quality, the sharpest edges and a repeatable process (you can print the same models with the same result, including simultaneously on the entire build area). While the layer is being cut, the vacuum cleaner is automatically turned on to suck in the resulting dust.

dewaxingThe support material is removed by dissolution, leaving no residue on the surface of the build material.





model przed dewaksowaniem
An example model before dewaxing, covered with support material.







model wypłukany
An example model after dewaxing, ready for casting.






Solidscape Muse

This latest Solidscape wax printer had its debut in June 2023. The new technical solutions aimed at providing maximum durability and reliability include static printheads (what moves is the build plate), a melt-on-demand system for the wax, and an entirely novel operating system controlled online. Layer thickness is 25 μm (there will be more thicknesses to choose from soon), the build area is 7.6*7.6*4.8 cm. Moreover, the price is much lower than for larger S printers.
Download: Solidscape Muse specification sheet.

Solidscape S390

This is the fastest Solidscape wax printer. The printheads of new S390 printers come with a lifetime warranty and are equipped with a Solidscape Base and a dust collection system. You can use five layer thicknesses: 25, 32, 38, 44 and 51 μm. The S390 has a build area of 15*15*10 cm (to be used by multiple smaller models) and boasts the highest production among Solidscape printers.

Watch: Solidscape S390 on the manufacturer’s webpage.

Download: Solidscape S390 specification sheet.

Solidscape S360

Solidscape S360 uses the XDP (eXtra Dimensional Printing) technology to speed up printing. This technology combines SCP, S370 and SolidJet technologies (the first is used in S350 and S325 printers, the last is used in S390 printers). Want to know more? Call us! Solidscape S360 uses thicknesses of 6, 13, 25, 32 and 38 μm and has a build area of 15*15*10 cm (to be used by multiple smaller models).
Download: Solidscape S360 specification sheet.

Solidscape S350

Solidscape S350 is a 3D wax printer introduced on the market in June 2017 that superseded Solidscape 3Z Pro. It supports all Solidscape technology layer thicknesses, i.e. 6, 13, 25, 32, 38, 44, 51, 57, 64, 70 and 76 μm. The S350 printer has a build area of 15*15*10 cm (to be used by multiple smaller models) and a standard speed for the Solidscape family.
Download: Solidscape S350 specification sheet.



Solidscape S325 and S325+

The S325 printer uses a single thickness of 0.025 mm and has the same speed as the S350. The S325+ printer was introduced on the market in April 2021. This one uses a single thickness of 0.038 mm and has the speed of the S370, which means that it can print about 2 times faster than the S325.
Download: Solidscape S325 and S325+ specification sheets.


SolidscapeDL is the first Solidscape 3D printer that uses digital light processing (DLP) and prints using castable resin materials (polymers).

Download: SolidscapeDL specification sheet.

Solidscape wax builds

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