online training

For technical assistance, online training and presentations of Rhino and our other products we use TeamViewer or Google Meet. TeamViewer allows to mutually share screens in 4k resolution and to display the mouse cursor of all participants which is very important in any training of ours. Please download the recording within 1 month of the end of the training session; after this date, it may be removed from the server.

If you want to join a TeamViewer meeting, online training or presentation, apart from the full, latest version of TeamViewer, you can use our QuickJoin module which does not require installation: download TeamViewer QuickJoin and enter the meeting id that we will provide you with.

You should have a microphone and speakers connected to your computer or use headphones equipped with a microphone. We advise using two monitors during online training: one to view the monitor of the trainer and one for your own work in the program.

Any recordings of the training are protected by copyright by Lemondim and may not be shared with persons who did not participate in the training without Lemondim’s permission.


  1. macOS: sharing my own screen

    TeamViewer, Blizz or Zoom must be given permission in system preferences:

  2. Scaling the presented screen

    If you want the presented screen to be displayed as scaled, e.g. to expand the screen on a monitor with a higher resolution than Full HD, you will find the appropriate option here:

  3. Playing the recording from a TVS file

    Recordings with a TVS extension may be opened using TeamViewer. In the TeamViewer menu choose Extras – Play or convert recorded session…

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