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Rhino 8: price

Rhino licenses are permanent electronic licenses that do not expire, do not require subscription fees and may be issued right away. Click on a product in the table to open a contact form and place your order (the name of the product will appear in the subject). You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on your payment – you can use quick online payment and a regular bank transfer. Your license will be sent by email. Processing may take as little as a few minutes.

Product name Price
Rhino 8

for Windows and macOS, perpetual license
2h expert training free (live sessions)

4,100 PLN
5,043 incl. VAT
Rhino 8 upgrade

upgrade from v1-7
1h expert training free (live session)

2,582 PLN
3,176 incl. VAT
Rhino 8 Edu

for Windows and macOS, perpetual license
for students and teachers

846 PLN
1,041 incl. VAT
Rhino 8 Edu upgrade

for Windows and macOS
upgrade from v1-7

412 PLN
507 incl. VAT
Rhino 8 LabKit

for Windows and macOS
30 work stations for schools and universities

4,231 PLN
5,204 incl. VAT
Rhino 8 LabKit upgrade

for Windows and macOS
update from v1-7

2,148 PLN
2,642 incl. VAT
Rhino 3D export to PDF 3D

plug-in DataKit

868 PLN
1,068 incl. VAT
support for Rhino

our technical and substantive support is free for all users who purchased the latest Rhino version directly from us; in other cases the net annual fee is €150

Rhino 8 works with Windows and macOS. The operating system is irrelevant for the license. If you have a license on your online Rhino account, you can use Rhino with both Windows and macOS.

What’s new with Rhino 8

Find out about the new features and enhancements in Rhino 8 on our dedicated page.

Rhino electronic licenses

All McNeel licenses are electronic and delivered via email.

Rhino downloads – evaluation (demo) version

Rhino for Windows – enter your email address, choose language and click “Next”; you will receive the download link in an email.

Rhino for Mac – enter your email address and click “Next”; you will receive the download link in an email. You can switch language versions in Rhino settings.

Rhino: description

Rhinoceros, or Rhino for short, is a fully professional 3D modeling program based on NURBS* geometry.

Rhino is easy to use, very precise and allows to create any shape. This is why it is used by tens of thousands of designers, architects, engineers, jewelers and artists. Rhino is applicable in nearly all industrial sectors. It is a top-quality 3D modeling program for an extremely low price.

Start with a drawing, photo, physical model or just an idea: Rhino will supply you with the tools to precisely carry out your project so that it is ready for rendering, animation, an artistic sketch, engineering analysis or production.

Rhino can create, edit, analyze, render, animate and transform NURBS curves, surfaces and solids, which are unlimited in terms of complexity, degree and size. Rhino also supports meshes, SubD objects and point clouds.

Rhino: hardware and system requirements

The hardware and system requirements for Rhino 8 for Windows and macOS are listed on this page. You will need an internet connection to download, install and legalize your license. You will need a cloud-based Rhino Account to manage your license online (by logging into the Cloud Zoo) and to receive technical support using our forum.

Rhino: supported file formats

The file formats supported by Rhino 8 for Window and macOS are listed here.

The differences between Rhino for Windows and for macOS

Rhino is being developed in parallel for Windows and for macOS but this does not mean that these two versions are identical. Not all commands and features from the Windows version are available for Mac. A comparison of Rhino features for Windows and for macOS is available at rhino3d.com/mac-feature-compare/.

The Rhino for Mac interface at 3360 x 2100 resolution (click to expand):
Zrzut ekranu 2015-06-14 19.55.32

* NURBS – ang. Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline is a mathematical model for representing curves, surfaces and solids. More information is available on Wikipedia.

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