3D print in wax

Solidscape: ultra-precise 3D print in wax for jewelry and other casting purposes

Technology: Solidscape (latest generation, S), layer thickness: 0.006 to 0.076 mm (we use a standard thickness of 0.025 mm), the end result is a very precise wax model with a superior surface finish. The wax melting temperature is ca. 100 degrees Celsius. The model is delicate. The material is best suited for lost-wax casting: it casts very well in standard conditions which is a huge advantage of Solidscape technology over other 3D printing technology for casting. The waxes can also be used to make cold rubber molds.

Our Solidscape machines use layers of 0.006 to 0.076 mm, in 0.006 mm increments. The price of 3D print is inversely proportional to layer thickness – for example, a print with 0.013 mm layers is twice as expensive as a print with layers 0.025 mm thick.

The build area of Solidscape printers is 15*15*10 cm.

All printed models are carefully packed in plastic boxes filled with cotton wool, which are then placed in cardboard boxes with filling. No damage of the printed products has occurred during transport in years. We collaborate with UPS.

Apart from 3D printing, we also offer 3D modeling services which means that we prepare the appropriate design and file for 3D printing.

W guarantee the confidentiality of all models that are sent to us.

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