customer support


Substantive support and training

We run the first Authorized Rhino 3d Training Center in Poland. This is why we provide our Customers with free substantive support regarding Rhino use: via email, phone, remote control over the computer using TeamViewer or with the help of customized instruction videos.

Data confidentiality

We guarantee the confidentiality of data and in particular the 3d models that are sent to us for the purpose of consultation, 3d print, etc. The models are not shared with anyone without the Customer’s consent.

Remote access

We use TeamViewer for remote technical support. See details here.

Software-related questions and troubleshooting

Please report any problems or ask questions via email. A detailed description will help us better identify the error or problem and find a solution.

If possible and if deemed useful, please include the following information in your report:

  1. The name and version of the program
  2. Describe the incorrect behavior of the program
  3. Describe the expected correct behavior of the program
  4. Screenshots visualising the error (this is essential in the case of error messages)


If the problem or question concerns a particular Rhino file, please send the file after using the Save Small option. Inserting Notes or descriptive elements such as Dots in the model, as well as changing colors or layers will help us locate the faulty part.

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